Vincere Health Chiropractic is a highly progressive practice making use of the newest and most effective technology and therapeutics to enhance the chiropractic science

An efficient nervous and muscle-joint / locomotor system is essential for the functioning of the human being. The inability to efficiently move adversely affects an individual PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PSYCHOSOCIALLY and FINANCIALLY.

WE OFFER BEST SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER AND HEALTHIER YOU: Chiropractic, Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy, dry needling, sport/ musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, myofascial release and massage techniques, and therapeutic taping techniques. 

CHIROPRACTIC is the diagnosis and conservative management of disorders relating to the nervous and musculoskeletal / locomotor system with the therapeutic application of manipulative therapy. EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY has been recognized as one of the most effective supporting therapeutic of the locomotor system. 


MECHANICAL BACK PAIN presents a serious medical problem as these set of conditions affect more than 60% of the world population due to especially the sedentary lifestyle of the human being of today and presents mainly as chronic pain. Several studies have identified non-specific low back pain as the most common cause of disability in young adults and the second most common reason for work days lost following upper-respiratory infections. As the world ages, low back pain will increase substantially due to the deterioration of the disc bones (arthritis of the spine).

In the last decade, SPORT/ OVERUSE INJURIES have increased by more than 5x due to increasing psychosocial demand and the immensely high competition among the young athletes of today. More than 50% of athletes will develop an overuse injury in their respective sporting career and more than 30% may require surgical intervention. The conservative treatment of these overuse disorders of the locomotor/ musculoskeletal system are complex, ambiguous and problematic; commonly presents as recalcitrant (resistant to treatment) and are a major cause of chronic pain.

CHRONIC PAIN presents as a complex biopsychosocial issue in relation to a human being’s expectation of self-efficacy, that is, the human being’s belief in their ability to complete tasks and reach goals are adversely affected and are associated with detrimental changes in mood, sleep, coping abilities and lower financial income.

Tension/ stress HEADACHE is the most common type of headache. More than 80% of adults suffer from tension headaches and is a major cause of chronic usage of over-the-counter painkillers. There is no single cause for tension headaches and may be trigger by including stress, poor posture and tightened muscle in the back in the neck.

UNWANTED PHARMACEUTICAL SIDE-EFFECTS caused by increased and/ chronic pharmaceutical usage due to the chronic pain and debilitating nature of the locomotor disorder. 


ENHANCE SPORT/ MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURY RECOVERY BY X 2! The physical shockwave impulses delivered by Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy can induce the early release of angiogenic growth markers in injured musculoskeletal tissue with subsequent ingrowth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) to remarkably improve blood supply, and thereby, SIGNIFICANTLY PROMOTE REPAIR, HEALING AND GROWTH OF THE INJURED TENDON, MUSCLE, LIGAMENT OR BONE, particularly recalcitrant (resistant to treatment) and chronic in nature. Vincere Health can benefit any athlete or the active individual significantly.

Spinal manipulation / adjustment can produce IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT AND RELIEVE of mechanical back pain, neck pain and tension headache and has significant less side-effects and longer-lasting relief than increased and/ chronic pharmaceutical usage. Also, spinal manipulation can DECREASE MUSCLE WEAKNESS and DECREASE MUSCLE SPASM; by restoring the normal biomechanical dynamics and spinal reflex arc activity (movement and functioning) of a dysfunctional vertebral segment caused by such as repetitive postural strain, trauma to the spine or overuse of the spine.

Vincere Health offers SEVERAL ADDITIONAL THERAPEUTICS to enhance the chiropractic science including; preventative, therapeutic, protective and postural taping techniques; dry needling; myofascial release/ massage techniques; and sport/ musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. The combined advantageous therapeutic effects of spinal manipulation, Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy and the several additional therapeutics offered by Vincere Health Chiropractic can REDUCE CHRONIC PAIN WHERE OTHER SINGLE THERAPEUTICS FAIL and promote a better and healthier you. 

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