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The surname "Victor" is derived from the word "vincere' of which is of Roman / Latin origins. Vincere means to win and later through development, "Victor", meaning literally "The conqueror". Many early Christians and saints bore the name to indicate that the Christ was able to conquer all sin and death.

The war helmet symbolizes Dr Victor's, the founder of Vincere Health Chiropractic, ancestry representation; whereas the spine on top of the war helmet represents Chiropractic. "Chiro-" means literally the use of the hands; whereas "-practic" refers to the practical application as opposed to theory. Chiropractic is the diagnosis and conservative management of disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system with the therapeutic application of manipulative therapy. The word “Chiropractic” therefore elucidates the promotion of health by the use of the practitioner's hands. The blue colour of Vincere Health Chiropractic symbolizes serenity, intelligence and confidence; whereas the white color is indicative of purity, innocence and integrity.

Vincere Health Chiropractic is symbolic for the acquisition of superior health and serenity by conservative and holistic means.

About Dr Aldo Victor

Aldo attended high school in Somerset West in the Western Cape, of which thereafter he studied BsC Sport Science at the University of Stellenbosch and attended the Rugby Performance Center in 2008. In 2010, he studied at the Durban University of Technology, graduating with a Masters in Chiropractic. Aldo did his research on the complex neurophysiological effect of spinal manipulation on motor activity. Also, Aldo has a sport chiropractic background; worked for Crusaders Rugby Club in 2015; worked at several sporting events; and attended various additional courses to aid in the optimal management of sport relating injuries.

"I consider myself to be a fitness and sport enthusiastic, and I have a particular interest in sport related injuries. I have represented my High school and hostel at Stellenbosch in various sports, including rugby, athletics and squash, and represented the first side of the Rugby Performance Center. I have undergo three shoulder operations including an acromioplasty, rotator cuff repair and SLAP lesion repair; an elbow operation which entailed an internal fixation of a displaced fracture of the olecranon process; an internal fixation of a displaced fracture of the fibula; as well as several other moderate to severe soft tissue injuries, including tendonopathies to grade III muscle tears and sprains. Due to the several sporting injuries throughout my sporting career, I will be able to significantly relate to the injured athlete; thrive in the diagnoses and management of injuries relating to sport; and thereby understand the importance of getting the injured athlete back onto the respective sporting field in the shortest possible of time.

I also have a distinctive interest in the elucidation of the neurophysiology behind spinal manipulation. I wish to pursue my PhD hereof, as well additional publications in the future."

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Vincere Health Chiropractic is located at High Street Shopping Village, 3 High Street Rosenpark Tygervalley, Cape Town.


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