Low back pain

Low back pain is a serious medical problem of today as it affects more than 60% of the world population especially due to the sedentary lifestyle of the human being of today and because low back pain presents predominantly as chronic pain. More than half of low back pain sufferers work behind an office desk.

Approximately 8 out of every 10 people will suffer from back problems during their lifetimes. Women are commonly more affected than men. An estimate of a third of female adults suffer from low back pain compared to a quarter of males.

Of significance and noteworthy, 9 out of 10 back pain sufferers never know the primary cause of their  low back pain. Several studies have identified that non-specific back pain is the most common cause of disability in young adults and the second most common reason for work days lost following upper-respiratory tract infections. Low back pain is a major cause of lower financial income. Several surveys conducted have showed that low back pain significantly affects daily tasks, exercise and sleep.

As the world ages, low back pain will increase substantially due to the deterioration of the disc bones of the spine known as osteoarthritis / spondylosis. An estimate of 90 % of low back cases will resolve within 6 weeks with the respective and appropriate treatment; 60 – 80 % will have a recurrence of low back pain within 2 years and 7 % will develop chronic low back pain. In addition, low back pain is one of the most common causes of chronic and / increased pharmaceutical usage. Chronic low back pain presents as a complex biopsychosocial issue in relation to a human being’s expectation of self-efficacy, that is, the human being’s belief in their ability to complete tasks and reach goals are adversely affected and are associated with detrimental changes in mood, sleep, coping abilities and lower financial income. 


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